How Outlaws Win Friends and Influence People

Release date:2019
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan Ltd
Price: 86,23

This book asks a critical question for our times: why do an increasing number of people support, admire and aspire to be outlaws? Outlaw motorcycle clubs have grown, spread and matured. Popular culture glamorizes them; law enforcement agencies fight them and the media vilify them. Meanwhile, the outlaw bikers exploit the current cultural and economic climate to attract new members. How Outlaws Win Friends and Influence People argues that the growth of these anti-establishment groups under neoliberalism is not coincidental, but inevitable. The book asks a critical question for our times: why do people today, in increasing numbers, support, admire and aspire to be outlaws? What needs and desires do the clubs satisfy? How do they win support and influence? Answering this is crucial if we are to successfully fight the social harms caused by these groups, as well as the harms that underlie their proliferation. Unless we understand the cultural dynamic at play here, our fight against these organizations will always take the form of a battle against the mythological Hydra: when one head is cut off, two more grow. “Tereza Kuldova is a rebel with a cause – her new book is a razor-sharp critique of stereotypical conceptions of the ‘outlaw biker’ and provides refreshing insights into their subjective life-worlds”​ – Daniel Briggs, author of the award-winning Dead-End Lives.

Tereza Kuldova

Tereza Kuldova, PhD is a social anthropologist and Researcher at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo. In her concluded research she studied the elite segment of the Indian fashion industry and the relations of production. Currently, she works on a new individual research project ‘Gangs, Brands and Intellectual Property Rights: Interdisciplinary Comparative Study of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and Luxury Brands’ funded by the Norwegian Research Council. She is the author of Luxury Indian Fashion: A Social Critique (2016) and editor of Fashion India: Spectacular Capitalism (2013), as well as Urban Utopias: Excess and Expulsion in Neoliberal South Asia (2017) and Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and Street Gangs: Scheming Legality, Resisting Criminalization (2018). She is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Extreme Anthropology.

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