02 Jul

A New Era For Sanctions What do they imply?

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

The United States’ decision to impose sanctions on Russia in April and President Trump’s announcement of his intention to withdraw from the JCPOA, or the Iran nuclear agreement, and the consequent renewal of sanctions regimes, have significant implications for the international economy, given they are, perhaps, more far reaching than previous ones.

Wladimiroff Advocaten and Aperio Intelligence are delighted to invite you to a forum to discuss these latest developmentsand the practical implications for those seeking to do business with these jurisdictions and those connected with them. We will approach recent developments from the perspective of those who have to make decisions in their wake, both to ensure compliance and to protect their interests and reputations.

The forum will include presentations from Wladimiroff Advocaten, covering recent changes to US and EU sanctions regimes, and from Aperio Intelligence, discussing the consequences for those affected by these developments and the wider implications for Russia and Iran.

Monday 2nd July 16.00 – 18.30

16.10 EU sanctions update, US sanctions update; risk of non-compliance and recent developments

16.35 Navigating sanctions regimes in Iran and Russia – case studies and practical issues

17.00 Open forum discussion

17.35 Closing remarks

17.40 Networking and drinks

18.30 Event ends /

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