08 Oct

Cyber, Sustainability and Benchmarking

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium

An event for european risk and insurance managers. The FERMA Seminar is an event organised by European risk managers for European risk managers. It brings together 350 risk managers to examine in depth a small number of pressing risk issues. The Seminar is also the venue for the publication of biannual FERMA’s European Risk and Insurance Report.

Two pressing issues for today’s risk manager

1. Cyber risk

  • Lessons from recent attacks: Equifax, WannaCry, Petya and more
  • Identifying and quantifying
  • Risk transfer and alternatives

2. Sustainability

  • Risk scenarios, stress tests
  • Climate change and natural catastrophes
  • ELD and insurance
  • Non-Financial Reporting
  • Company culture and ethics

Five key reasons to come to the Ferma European Risk Seminar 2018

  • Challenge your role and responsibilities
  • Benchmark your practices
  • Broaden your knowledge and skills
  • Increase your added value for your company
  • Join the discussion with risk managers who matter, you’re one of them
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