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14 Mar

GDPR Summit Berlin

Courtyard Marriott Berlin Mitte

The main objective of the GDPR is to strengthen the protection of personal data protection of individual citizens throughout the EU. Public institutions and companies in the EU Member States had a transition period to prepare for the new principles enshrined in the GDPR. Consequences of non-compliance are putting pressure on the effected institutions and many organisations are still asking themselves how to overcome the implementation challenges. What are the unsolved questions for many Member States so far ? What impact does the New Regulation 2018/1725 have in relation to the GDPR ? What are the updated results of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and what is on the agenda for the coming months ?

Further topics to be discussed:

What are privacy-friendly technologies and recommendable tools for a GDPR documentation technique ?
What needs to be taken into account when using consent as a legal basis ?
What steps need to be taken for an effective data protection compliance check ?
How can you thoroughly investigate, assess and record a personal data breach ?
How should you report a personal data breach to the Regulator ?
What are typical data breach scenarios and how can you avoid them ?
How to plan and manage your GDPR implementation projects.
Legal basis and consent of data processing.
International data transfer under GDPR.

Practical workshops and case studies:
• Data Protection in the European Institutions.
• Reduce the risk of a civil monetary penalty when reporting a personal data breach.
• Implementing the GDPR: from risk approach to a mature PDCA-cycle.
• Provide adequate technical and organisational measures.

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