04 Mar

Minsk : International conference ‘New technologies in Audit and Risk Management’

Minsk, Belarus, Crown Plaza Minsk 5

Life is rapidly racing ahead. New technologies are developing, new challenges are emerging, entire professions and industries are transforming. The future is created and changed every minute, and auditors cannot stand aside. They must be “on the crest of a wave” in order to benefit shareholders and businesses. That is why the focus of this year is on issues related to the study of a new generation of audit technologies. The main question to which we will try to find the answer together with you is how the auditor will respond to the challenges of the time, what are the components of the success of the Future Internal Audit Service and what new trends in the development of the audit function are waiting for us in the digital age.

More information?

For more information about the international conference that will take place on 4 March 2019 go to the website of

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