22 May

The Digital Transformation Conference

Congress Center Lamot, Mechelen

The Digital Transformation Conference is a yearly conference about how digital technologies can fully leverage the transformation of a business and its activities, in order to maximize and accelerate its impact, revenue, customer-focus, agility and cost-effectiveness. Digital Transformation is a journey, not a destination… Defining and managing a roadmap to digital business is still a huge challenge for most companies, mainly because they are not without risk. Digital Transformation might be an overused expression, but – because of its impact – is still a hot topic and a threat if avoided or poorly managed. Implementing an integrated approach and transcending a legacy mode is a challenge which requires the best insights about the availability of models and platforms, differentiating best practices and the opportunities offered by technology. For the latter case we refer to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and blockchain.

The 2019 edition will focus on how businesses and organizations can make digital transformation work and will focus on 2 main tracks: Business Innovation (All about organizational culture, strategy & vision and how these can leverage your capacity to innovate your leadership and organization as a whole.) and Technology Innovation (Experts will discuss and treat the latest developments in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Big data, Security, etc… )

The advisory board features Olivier Van Duüren (The Dualarity), Omar Mohout (Antwerp Management School), Henri Jacobs (ForcIT), Johan Loeckx (VUB, Artificial Intelligence Lab) and Peter Buelens (Brewery of Ideas).

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