Emotional Banking

Duena Blomstrom
Release date:17 March 2019
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan Ltd

Banking is under threat. Despite access to fast-paced technology known as FinTech, an antiquated business model and internal organizational paralysis do not allow for the creation of a truly beloved brand and are stifling change. To survive and thrive when their competition is catching up, banks must understand the principles behind Emotional Banking―a cultural change concept that brings the consumer to the center of rethinking banking products and delivery.

This book starts with a history of the space then moves into an overview of what FinTech is. After discussing the state of banking today including stories from the biggest names in the industry, the concept of Emotional Banking and Brand are introduced as an answer to the problems outlined above. It concludes with examples of best practices and a hands-on approach on how to change the inertia, become a brand and make customers fall in love with their bank.

Duena Blomstrom

Duena Blomstrom is a well-respected thought leader in FinTech with a large Twitter and LinkedIn following, an independent digital banking and CX consultant, an entrepreneur and angel investor, a mentor to startups, a blogger with cutting edge opinion style named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices, a public speaker at industry events and the inventor of the Emotional Banking and EX concepts. With a background in Psychology as well as Business, she is intensely passionate about getting banks to think of the concept of “Emotional Banking” or how to stop thinking feature set and start thinking customer’s feelings. She is working with corporations on deep cultural change programs that enable them to become truly Human Design-led organisations and put experience at the heart of the organisation to build strong brands.