Ahsan Habib

Ahsan Habib is currently working at Scotiabank, Canada as Analyst in AML Operations Governance. He is a seasoned banker from Bangladesh where he worked in Correspondent Banking and Trade Finance in top ranked banks. He got recognized as ACAMS AFC Professional of the year 2021 and Professional of the Month (August 2020). He has certification on Trade-Based Money Laundering from Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), certification on Sanction related various courses and certification on ‘BSA/AML: An In-Depth Look’ from Bank Administration Institute (BAI), USA.

Corruption: The hidden gangrene for society?

21 December 2023
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by Ahsan Habib

Let’s start with talking about greed which is the ethical root cause of corruption. At the root of corruption it has always been the culture of greed which enables accumulating wealth at any cost and without limits. When greed has power, we name it corruption. Corruption is a primary incubator for the global surge in organised crime. And it has a long history. Al Capone who was once one of the most wanted men for the U.S. Treasury, allegedly paid 20 cents of every tainted dollar he earned to ‘pay off’ government officials and greedy politicians. Since then greedy people never had to ‘look back’ and to stop their ‘winning journey’. 
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Ahsan Habib

Ahsan Habib

Senior Analyst, AML Operations

Ahsan Habib: “Sanctions do not operate, succeed or fail in a vacuum”

25 August 2020

This is my first contribution to the English language website of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe as an established external author where I will regularly write and publish in English about my areas of expertise on anti money laundering and sanctioning. To briefly describe myself, I am a seasoned banker from Bangladesh, and I hold certifications on Trade-Based Money Laundering, on sanction related courses and on AML. I will begin with writing about sanctions. Sanctions represent a commonly-used tool by governments and regions around the world to restrict the ability of perceived rogue nation states, (commercial/governmental/charitable) entities or persons to conduct transactions on a global basis. Continue reading…