Elena Pykhova

Elena Pykhova is an expert in risk and resilience matters and author of a best-selling book, Operational Risk Management in Financial Services: A Practical Guide to Establishing Effective Solutions. Based in London, she is a renowned educator, who for many years has run public and in-house training courses in the UK and internationally for world-leading organisations including the London Stock Exchange Group Academy, The Moller Center, Cambridge University and Risk.net. Elena is also a thought leader, influencer and founder of a prominent industry think tank, the Best Practice Operational Risk Forum. She is a former Director for Education at the Institute of Operational Risk and chair of the Operational Risk Expert Panel for the Association of Foreign Banks. Elena founded her training and consulting practice, The OpRisk Company Ltd, after 20 years of experience in senior roles at Fortune 500 companies, such as Citigroup, American Express, Deutsche Bank and Banco Santander. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and writes articles for Thompson Reuters, Advantage Talent Inc, Operational Risk and Regulation and other publications.
Elena Pykhova

Elena Pykhova

Expert in risk and resilience matters and author of a best-selling book, Operational Risk Management in Financial Services

Firms continue to assess whether Working From Home (WFH) is reducing the effectiveness of the 2nd Line Risk Function

12 August 2021

Working from home has become a normality of the new reality. According to Eurofond1, as a result of the pandemic, almost half of the working population in the European Union was working remotely either fully or partially; a significant increase from the 10% of home-workers pre-COVID-19. During WFH, maintaining a sound control environment and exercising prudent risk management is essential. Risk management department plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. According to the 3 Lines Model2, updated and reissued by the Institute of Internal Auditors in 2020, Risk function assists by providing ‘expertise, support, monitoring, and challenge related to the management of risk’. But is WFH, with a somewhat strained informal interactions and communication channels, reducing the effectiveness of the second line function? Continue reading…

Operational risk management during COVID-19: Lessons learned

05 July 2021
Knowledge Base

by Elena Pykhova

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to dealing with financial challenges such as a drop in assets or liquidity, organisations are faced with issues that go to the core of operational risk management – people, systems, processes and the external environment. The crisis acted as a real-life stress test of existing frameworks and processes, and lessons learnt from the pandemic will trigger changes to how firms view and manage their operational risks.  Continue reading…