Rules of Evidence in International Arbitration

Taking back control

Release date:2019
Publisher:Informa Law from Routledge
Price:€ 374,65

Now in a fully updated second edition, Rules of Evidence in International Arbitration: An Annotated Guide remains an invaluable reference for lawyers, arbitrators and in-house counsel involved in cross-border dispute resolution. Drawing on current case law, this book looks at the common issues brought up by the evidentiary procedure in international arbitration.

Features of this book include:
– An international scope, which will inform readers from around the world
– A focus on evidentiary procedure, with extensive case-based commentary and examples
– Extensive annotations, which allow the reader to locate key precedents for use in practice

This book gives essential insight into best practice for practitioners of international arbitration. Readers of this publication will gain a fuller understanding of accepted solutions to difficult procedural issues, as well as the fundamental due process considerations of the use of evidence in international arbitration.


Nathan O’Malley

Nathan O’Malley is partner at Musick, Peeler & Garrett, Advisory Committee Member and Adjunct Professor at USC, Gould School of Law

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