Your life your rules

Taking back control

Release date:2019
Publisher:Uitgeverij Brandt
Price:€ 20,00

In 2008 Rutger Koopmans decided to quit his job as a banker. He wanted to pursue new avenues and explore other talents. Over the following decade this decision brought great excitement to his working life, although it was not all plain sailing.

However, he was driven by a motto borrowed from Johan Cruyff, the famous Dutch footballer whose business affairs he had managed: I would prefer to go down with my own principles than with someone else’s. In ‘Your Life, Your Rules’ Koopmans shares his experiences as a free man, as well as the many valuable lessons he learned along the way. He presents a model containing a series of key questions that everyone can use. A true and honest account of one man’s journey through life.

Rutger Koopmans

Rutger Koopmans (1958) is a former banker, entrepreneur and supervisory director. He was a business adviser to Johan Cruijff for several years.

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