Lamot Mechelen
25 Oct

Belgian Security Convention

Lamot, Mechelen (Belgium)

As organizations turn digital, even the most advanced companies are potential victims of a cyber attack. To be prepared we have to share our knowledge and cooperate. The Belgian Cyber Security Convention (BCSC) stimulates businesses to invest in their data protection by bringing the whole field of IT-specialists together for a one-day event of networking and education.

For visiting companies this is the unique opportunity to get connected and stay updated on the latest evolutions in information technology.  Share knowledge about cyber security related enablers including protection processes, policies, organisation, skills, awareness, and regulations. Survey state of the art methods and technology to build adequate protection, response and recovery activities. Explore tools and techniques that support the complete cybersecurity building process  Discover components and architecture elements necessary for building defense platforms  Receive all necessary information regarding the upcoming regulations.

Speakers, among others will be Kirill Kasavchenko, about DDoS Landscape in 2018; Ivan Fontaresky about Cyber Intelligence: What’s new about the threat and Prof. Dr. Pina Yolum, Associate Professor of Computer Sciences.

Early bird tickets are still available until 28 th September.

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