07 Feb

Capital Markets Summit 2018

Paris, details wil follow later

The future of Europe’s single financial market is still unclear: the European Commission is set to propose the building blocks of the Capital Markets Union by 2019, just as the full effects of Brexit are expected to hit. Will Europe take this opportunity to reinforce its commitment to deeper market integration? With President Emmanuel Macron in charge in France, will Paris and Berlin form a dynamic duo to give Europe the common financial framework needed to boost growth and innovation? Will the eurozone be able to reform and integrate further, allowing capital to flow freely within the monetary union and Europe at large? In its push race to build a robust and competitive financial industry, what must Europe do to attract new businesses and maintain its appeal in this new world order?

For the third consecutive year, POLITICO and l’AGEFI join forces to present the Capital Markets Summit. On February 7 and 8, 2018, 130+ industry leaders and policymakers, will gather to discuss Europe’s path to spurring economic growth, innovation, and investment in its ever-evolving capital markets ecosystem. Our expert speakers will help lift the fog on key questions, including:
– What kind of eurozone reform is needed to achieve a financial single market?
– Which Europe will prevail in the global financial landscape and what role will it play?
– What should businesses and governments expect from the CMU, and what can member-states do to revive national markets in the interim?
– With much of Europe’s greatest growth potential relying on the success of SMEs, will new reforms embrace innovation and financial risk-taking among fast-growing companies?
– What kind of performance can we expect from market institutions as they seek deeper integration?

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