23 Sep

Thriving in a hyper-connected world


This year’s conference theme – thriving in a hyper-connected world – recognises the challenges, and opportunities that mass digitisation and data-driven relationships present for the Sibos community. Sibos 2019 will explore the impact of new technologies on infrastructures, value propositions and business models and identify the culture, skills and working practices that organisations need to maximise the potential of both human and machine capabilities.

Five sub-themes will examine how this critical human and machine collaboration can capitalise on data as the lifeblood of the modern financial services ecosystem:

  1. Enhancing digital ecosystems
  2. Leveraging data
  3. Keeping ahead of cybersecurity threats
  4. Adapting to geopolitical and regulatory priorities
  5. Exploring the human element

More details on the conference theme will be revealed soon.

For more information about the Sibos Event that will take place betwee 23 – 26 September 2019, please visite the website of Sibos:

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