ECB: new unsecured overnight interest rate

22 September 2017

Overnight benchmark interest rates are important for financial markets and monetary policy implementation. ECB overnight rate will complement existing benchmark rates produced by the private sector and serve as a backstop to private sector benchmark rates. The preparations for rate to be finalised before 2020, including industry consultation.

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A better view

21 September 2017

The recent FCA enforcement trends, especially in the context of wholesale markets and, given the work of the AFME, the way in which MIFID 2 is already influencing the trend line. Continue reading…

Strong outlook with low inflation spurs risk-taking

20 September 2017

Something here Low inflation despite a stronger economic outlook helped push markets up in recent months and reduced the expected pace of tightening of monetary policy in major economies. Signs of increased risk-taking have become apparent in a number of areas, including narrow credit spreads, increased carry trade activity and looser bond covenants. Continue reading…


Steps to driving better business decisions

17 September 2017

Are you using operational risk management (ORM) as an organizational imperative? Effective management of operational risks will increase C-suite visibility and encourage more informed risk taking. Integrating ORM strategy, tools, and processes into your organizational goals will lead to improved product performance, greater brand recognition, and deliver sustainable financial results.

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Consumer warning about the risks of Initial Coin Offerings (‘ICOs’)

14 September 2017

The term ICO refers to a digital way of raising funds from the public using a virtual currency, also known as cryptocurrency. An ICO can also be known as ‘token sale’ or ‘coin sale’. ICO issuers accept a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ether, in exchange for a proprietary ‘coin’ or ‘token’ that is related to a specific firm or project. ICOs vary widely in design. The digital token issued may represent a share in a firm, a prepayment voucher for future services or in some cases offer no discernible value at all. Often ICO projects are in a very early stage of development. Continue reading…

Generali logo

Generali agrees sale of Dutch business

13 September 2017

The Generali Group has entered into a share purchase agreement to dispose its entire shareholding (98.56%) in Generali Nederland N.V.(Generali Nederland). The transaction is part of its strategy to optimize its geographical presence, increase operational efficiency and improve capital allocation. Continue reading…

Joachim Wuermeling - Deutsche Bundesbank

Cybersecurity – pivotal for central banks

13 September 2017

When it comes to information technology there is no such thing as absolute security. The security expert Gene Spafford hit the nail on the head when he said, “The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards”. In this article this issue will be addressed of cyber security from a central banker’s standpoint. Continue reading…

Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee

12 September 2017

The Basel Committee published the results of its latest Basel III monitoring exercise based on data as of 31 December 2016. The Committee established a rigorous reporting process to regularly review the implications of the Basel III standards for banks, and it has published the results of previous exercises since 2012. For the first time, the report provides not only global averages but also a regional breakdown for many key metrics. Continue reading…