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About Us

The Risk & Compliance Platform Europe website has been live since 2014. The website is a cross-border interactive platform that publishes in NINE languages ​​with their own unique content, namely English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and now also recently, Czech-Slovakian. The website is a platform for all professionals working in the field of risk and compliance, both in the financial world, at large and medium-sized companies and in the public sector. Not only do the risk and compliance managers / officers belong to our target group, but also business and general managers, who are confronted in their daily work with the increased risks and increased regulatory pressure from both national and international government bodies and supervisors. It goes without saying that the articles on the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe are also of interest to supervisors, accountants, controllers, auditors and lawyers.

The nine different language sites each have their own content, which is different from the other language sites. The website is an open forum, in which the professional visitors may formulate their own views.

As of this moment, the newsletters are currently being sent out in Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Polish and Bulgarian. These newsletters can be requested free of charge via the website in the language of your own choosing. In terms of the number of subscribers, the Dutch newsletter has more than 12,800 subscribers and the French newsletter has more than 2,800 subscribers. The German newsletter has 2,700 subscribers, the English newsletter has 9,600 subscribers, the Italian newsletter has nearly 6,000 subscribers, the Polish newsletter has 1,400 subscribers and the Bulgarian newsletter has 600 subscribers.

For information on our newsletters, website, change of ascription, change of e-mail addresses etc., you can email your inquiry to Renusha Jangali at and we will answer your question(s) as soon as possible.

For questions about the content of the website and the newsletters and the possibility to place white papers, case studies and / or best practices, you can send your inquiry to

For commercial inquiries about advertisements / placing banners on the website and / or advertorials in our newsletters, send your inquiry to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The editors of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe are independent and multilingual.

Michel Klompmaker
Publisher / Editor in Chief
Renusha Jangali
Editor English
Jennifer De Roeck
Senior Editor French Speaking Countries
Claudia Zimmermann
Director DACH Region
Melvyn Morrison
Senior Editor English
Glenn Rudolph
Internet Marketing / Web Development
Joanna Grynfelder
Editor in Chief Polish website
Aleksandra Podwapinska
Senior Editor Polish website
Ingrid Gacci
Director Italia
Branislav Hock
Director and Editor in Chief CZ/SK website
Elina Karpacheva
Senior Editor Bulgarian website
Dina-Perla Portnaar
Senior Editing, PR, Podcasts/Vodcasts and International Sales
Sonja Kroeze
Acquisition Nederland