03 Feb

3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2022

Online Event

Fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, price-fixing cartels and intellectual property crimes pursued typically for financial and professional gain, have devastating consequences for the prosperity of economic life. Too often an effective response to economic crime is limited by institutional, disciplinary, and cultural barriers. Combining different disciplinary perspectives, being it criminology, law, economics, accountancy, security, business management, computer science, and psychology, and involving various policing actors, such as states, companies, banks, NGOs, and media, should become the new reality of solving economic crime challenges.

The 3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium brings together a diverse body of researchers, practitioners, students, and other community members to discuss how economic criminology can feed an effective response to economic crime. ‘Economic criminology’ at its simplest is the study of the financially motivated economic crimes and deviant acts perpetrated by individuals or organisations against individuals or organisations. It is orientated to generating knowledge with the aim of reducing the harms of these crimes and deviant acts, improving the response to them as well as wider questions concerning power relations and the application of relevant theory. It draws upon a wide base of interdisciplinary scholars.

Join scholars, practitioners, and other experts for a discussion and reflection on the most important problems associated with economic crime.

The ‘Economic Crime: From Conception to Response – 3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2022’ event will be taking place online for free of charge on February 3rd 2022 from 10:00 – 16:00 UK time.

For the full programme details of the event, click here.