25 Feb

Advocating for Spiritual Care Leadership in Hospice

Online Event

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, spiritual care delivery has proven beneficial to patients, families, and front-line healthcare providers. As the negative stressors continue to rise, the need for a compassionate and caring presence becomes all the more apparent. However, there is a lack of Chaplaincy representation at the highest organisational levels.

We will examine how best to define the CSO, the qualifications for assuming a spiritual leadership role, and how this impacts advocating for spiritual care delivery in hospice and other organisational structures. Takeaways from this discussion will include ways for the CSO to advocate for hospice chaplains and the reasons why spiritual care leadership is vitally important.

The panel discussion will explore the concept of the Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO), the need for spiritual care leadership both in hospice and generally, and the challenges of such a position. The speakers that will take part in this panel are:

  • Chaplain Ken Thomas, Capt, USAFR
  • Dina-Perla Portnaar (Senior Editor of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe, author ‘Living Gracefulness’ and ‘An Advocate for Chief Spiritual Officers within Institutions of all Sorts’.
  • Rev C. Brewer, MDiv, BS, COLES

This event will be held online on February 25, 2021 from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM CET. The fee to attend the event is $35. If you would like to receive more information about The Advocating for Spiritual Care Leadership in Hospice event and / or registration, please click on this link.