14 Jun

Counter Fraud, Cyber Crime and Forensic Accounting Conference 2023

Richmond Building, University of Portsmouth, England and Online

The 12th annual Counter Fraud, Cybercrime and Forensic Accounting Conference will be a two-day event, held at the University of Portsmouth on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 June 2023 from 9:00am – 6.00pm. This year’s conference will be hosted by our new Centre for Cybercrime and Economic Crime, and will feature invited speakers proposing papers to present to fellow practitioners, academics and researching peers.

The aim is to network, share our research and insights into techniques, ideas, or approaches that help to inform fellow scholars and professionals on important debates in the field of cybercrime, economic crime and forensic accounting. The live keynote and plenary sessions will be available for delegates to stream online free of charge, and will also be recorded.


The conference will feature more than 20 speakers commenting on the latest ideas and research in cybercrime and economic crime.

Key speakers will include:

  • Professor Tom Holt – Michigan State University
  • Abigail Bishop, Head of External Relations, Scam Prevention – Amazon
  • Tim Robinson, Senior Manager – Crowe UK
  • Dr Dimitrios Kafteranis, Assistant Professor in Law at the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity – Coventry University
  • Professor Umut Turksen, Professor in Law at the Centre Financial and Corporate Integrity – Coventry University
  • Professor David Wall, Professor of Criminology – University of Leeds

Program (subject to change)

Some of the key and insightful topics that will be discussed will be as follows:

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

  • Protecting Consumers from Impersonation Scams
  • Money laundering risks, and compliance and law enforcement challenges in relation to non-fungible tokens trade
  • Examining financial and intimate requests in romance fraud
  • Detecting Financial Market Manipulation using AI
  • What is wrong with the audit world? Where are all the Frauditors?
  • Food Fraud during the Pandemic: How did the UK Food Supply Chain Mitigate the Risks?
  • Exploring the consequences for victims of economic cybercrime

Thursday, 15 June 2023

  • Policing the Alterworld: Reframing international law to address the criminal liability of digital intermediaries for sex trafficking (online)
  • Emerging technologies in the gambling sector: Risks and opportunities for the sector (online)
  • Detecting deception in insurance claims: Using the AIM technique
  • Online Safety Bill: Promoting User Safety
  • The characteristics of serious fraud offending in the UK
  • Challenges of cybersecurity professionals working in small and mid-size companies (online)


For current University of Portsmouth students  – free of charge.

For standard delegates – 14 and 15 June (£100), 14 June only (£75), 15 June only (£75).

For attending online – free of charge.

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