21 Jan

Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit

Online Event

The collection, classification, and exploitation of knowledge about adversaries – collectively known as cyber threat intelligence (CTI) – gives security practitioners information superiority that is used to reduce an adversary’s likelihood of success. Responders and defenders leverage accurate, timely, and detailed threat intelligence to monitor new and evolving attacks and subsequently adapt their security posture.

This Live Online event brings together leading experts and analysts for in-depth threat intelligence talks, world-class SANS training, DFIR NetWars, and exclusive virtual networking opportunities! The two-day Summit will provide you with specific analytical techniques and capabilities, through case studies and firsthand experience, that can be utilised to properly create and maintain threat intelligence in your organisation.

The Summit will explore the following areas:

  • Interesting perspectives and case studies that challenge CTI assumptions and result in a shift in understanding
  • Methods for producing Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Implementing and making decisions based off of intelligence
  • Case studies on the application of cyber threat intelligence to a security or business problem
  • How traditional intelligence approaches are applied to CTI analysis and production
  • Innovative ways to utilise or analyse CTI
  • New tools developed to support or enable CTI

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit will take place online from January 21 – 22, 2021. For more information on this event, visit: https://www.sans.org/event/cyber-threat-intelligence-summit-2021