06 Oct


Physical and Online Event

As the curtain opens on a year full of expectations of recovery and renovation, we at FTS are eager to contribute to the discussion bringing on stage the most powerful advocates of a new phase and a new approach, and those who’ve been trailblazers and grasp what impact means.

Starting with a focus on sustainability and impact, topics that today must be considered transversely, we’ll explore trends that are already shaking up the industry, such as embedded and decentralised finance spotting, as we always try to do, and the opportunities to bring together ecosystems, in a moment where it is needed more than ever. This is the reason why we’ve chosen the flower as iconography for the FTSFEST’21; the energy for a new phase yet care for the complex period the sector is going through.

For the same reason, we have decided to blend in the festival all the mediums we’ve come to know and appreciate, from the physical venues we’ve been missing to the powerful virtual tools that bring us together from all around the world. But it’s not only about video: we’ll leverage our experience in podcasting with a dedicated Breaking Banks Europe podcast stream along with the newfound Clubhouse experience, with three dedicated FTSFEST’21 rooms.

As 2021 develops, it will become more and more apparent how this year can truly mark the start of a second FinTech revolution. FTSFEST’21 will be taking place both in-person and online from October 6-8, 2021. For more information on this event, click here.