08 Dec

International Integrity Conference

Madurodam, The Netherlands

After three years of digital editions, we’re excited to finally welcome attendees in person at the 7th edition of the International Integrity Conference, which will be held in The Hague on Friday, December 8th. This unique multi-stakeholder conference on integrity, trust and the fight against corruption aims to inspire and exchange ideas.

2023 theme: The Moral Compass – Shared values in a Global Context

Integrity is not just an abstract principle; it is the bedrock upon which our shared values rest and thrive. As we navigate the nuanced landscapes of Climate Responsibility, Geopolitical Resilience, the Digital Evolution, Economic Dynamics, and Supply Chain Integrity, our commitment to unwavering integrity is what ensures that we do so with a vision that is both sustainable and equitable.

Through solution-oriented dialogues, our aim is to find shared solutions

Why should you attend? 

Participants will gain the following:

  • Learn from Diverse Perspectives – With business experts, leading academics, distinguished jurists, and regulatory authorities.
  • Experience with innovating settings – Cutting-edge workshops designed to ignite your creativity and expand your skillset.
  • Connect, Collaborate, Share – Forge valuable connections and collaborate with peers.
  • Explore the Future of Integrity – Discover the (future) role of integrity in our fast-changing world with forward-thinking discussions.
  • Be part of the solution – Together, we open the dialogue and seek solutions to increase integrity in all that we do.
  • Celebrating integrity – Witness the presentation of the Integrity Impact Award, celebrating those who exemplify outstanding ethical leadership in the business world.

The International Integrity Conference will be taking place on December 8 2023 at George Maduroplein 1
2584 RZ The Hague, the Netherlands.

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