04 Feb

Organisations: Beyond Victims and Perpetrators – 2nd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2021

Online Event

Economic crime scholarship presents an organisation as a double-edge sword. On the one hand, organisations are cheated by their employees, discriminated by corrupt public officials, and face cyber-attacks, whereas on the other hand, organisations evade taxes, defraud their customers, and cheat competitors. While fraud, corruption, IP crime, and other forms of economic crime cause huge loss to individual organisations as well as the society at large, many of those crimes are committed by organisations themselves. Clearly, the network of relationships inside and between organisations is not simple: it should not be reduced to two groups, victims and perpetrators.

This is why there is an increased societal demand in making corporations more responsible by implementing adequate internal ethics and compliance programmes to protect them from economic crime as well as from becoming criminogenic themselves. But when, how, and to what extent do ethics and compliance programmes work? It is evident that certain areas of economic crime, public policing and support of victimised organisations is vital. In other areas, perhaps, victimisation is linked to bad organisational culture and the lack of compliance. Join scholars, practitioners, and other experts for a discussion and reflection on the most important problems associated with economic crime in a new global era.

Some of the speakers that will be present at the event are:

  • Professor Mark Button, University of Portsmouth, Organisational Victims of Economic Crime
  • Dr. Abiola Makinwa, Anti-Corruption Compliance – Principal Lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Professor Dr. Jeremy M. Wilson, Michigan State University, A Strategic Approach to Brand Protection and the Prevention of Product Counterfeiting
  • Peter Y. Solmssen, Chairman of the IBA Committee on Non-trial Resolutions of Foreign Bribery Cases

Dr. Branislav Hock is responsible for the Czech/Slovakian website of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe. We as a European oriented platform and media partner, will also be covering the entire event from an editorial perspective.

This event will be held online for free on February 4 2021 from 10am – 16:00pm UK time. For more information about the 2nd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2021 and / or registration, please click on this link.