04 Nov

Risk & Resilience Festival

Twente University

Indestructible adaptability and resilience are crucial in this unpredictable and uncertain time. Risk and resilience management is invaluable. This year’s Risk & Resilience Festival is themed: ‘One step ahead with big data’. Data analysis, artificial intelligence and algorithms provide an incredible amount of possibilities, and these techniques help enormously in identifying and dealing with risks.

One step ahead with big data

We collect staggering amounts of data. Every day it has a sloppy 2 quintillion bytes – that’s a 2 with 18 zeros behind it. That’s almost impossible to imagine – especially when you consider that more data has been collected in 2019 than in all the years before. This is irrevocably the question of what we should do with all this data.

The aim of this event is to bring together research results, research methods, expertise, ideas on and experience with managing big data – and to determine together what the impact is on our field of study on managing risk and resilience. How do we use the data responsibly and purposefully? And how do we deal with all ethical and moral issues? What about privacy and security?

For more information on the Risk & Resilience Festival, which will be held on 4 November 2021 at Waaier Hallenweg 25, Enschede, The Netherlands, click here.