27 Jul

Terror Financing: Techniques and Red Flags

Online Event

Join Sqope on July 27 as we discuss the various methods used by terror organisations across the globe to fund their activities and what to look out for during the KYC process. We will first present an overview of terror financing, discussing tactics and strategies, followed by specific case studies to illustrate how these work in practice.

About the main speaker

Lev Yuriditsky is the Head of Intelligence at Sqope S.A. Lev has 10 years of experience in the intelligence field, building and managing global research teams in the fields of geopolitics and terror monitoring, and joined Sqope in early 2020 from the United Nations. He has covered all regions of the world during his career, and specialises in the EMEA region.

This webinar will be taking place on July 27, 2021 at 4:00 PM CET / 10 AM EST in Luxembourg. For more information on this event and / or registration, please click here.