21 Nov

The Private Wealth & Funds Forum

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Join The Private Wealth & Funds Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE – an exclusive assembly of Europe’s elite private wealth management investors, innovative fund managers, and consultants. Explore vital themes such as restructuring portfolios for ROI and long-term growth, family office succession, tax compliance, and integrating digital assets.

Delve into discussions on ESG reporting, sustainable finance, and effective asset protection strategies. Hosted in a luxurious 5-star hotel, this forum provides a unique opportunity to forge alliances, connect with industry leaders, and secure influential partnerships while optimising your approach to wealth management.

Key topics

  • Investment in reconstruction & sustainable affluence – Restructuring portfolios to stimulate ROI and long-term growth. Discussions on best practices for family office succession, planning and recruitment to maintain and develop the next generation of family office leadership.
  • Optimising compliance & digital diversification – Tackling tax and regulatory challenges to maintain optimum compliance, and additionally integrating digital assets within the family office portfolios to sustain wealth management expectations.
  • Investor development & protecting assets – ESG reporting and sustainable finance is critical for maintenance of wealth. Development and effective implementation of an asset protection strategy to secure wealth from financial hazards.

The Private Wealth & Funds Forum will take place on 21 November 2024 at a Five Star Venue to be Announced in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

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