Cedric Tieffi

Senior Compliance Officer specialized in civil and international law

Cedric Tieffi is a Senior Lawyer specialised in civil law and international law as well as an experienced Compliance Officer, Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant and Expert.

Cedric has an in depth knowledge of how to structure AML procedures within an international operating financial institution. He has good knowledge of KYC, FATCA, Payment Regulations, Ethics and Behavioral Risk. He is aware of typical banking regulations as well as of stock market procedures. He has also worked for more than 5 years for BNP Paribas Group in Africa.


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Arthur Stolk

Co Founder of Icoinic, the first Dutch fund manager to trade in crypto assets
His long background in IT, finance and Bitcoin allows him to follow and translate market movements with a down-to-earth and passionate approach.

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Ken van Ierlant

Digital Thought Leader
Member of the Board of Directors of UpGen. Experienced CEO / CDO / CIO in the field of transformation processes within internationally oriented companies.

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Marta Andreeva

Global Compliance Program Specialist at since July 2020
Marta is passionate about developing a culture of compliance, increasing awareness and coaching and mentoring others.

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Cécile Louchard-de Barsy

Senior Compliance Officer at Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg since september 2020
An innovative Compliance & Forensic pofessional who delivers efficient solutions for both financial and industrial players.

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