5G and Next-Gen Consumer Banking Services

Release date:December 23, 2021
Publisher:CRC Press

The future has already begin. The banking industry needs to adjust, or it will disappear in the next decade. With the help of 5G, next-generation intelligent ATM-like devices will have highly integrated functions and use technologies such as artificial intelligences-assisted self-service contactless interfaces with facial recognition and digital signatures. This book  focuses on new experiences that clients can expect when connected to a 5G network with a 5G device. By 2022 we hope that 5G will:

  • Drive accelerated mBanking growth
  • Power augmented reality /virtual reality
  • Make Video shopping experiences more widespread and compelling
  • Enable banks to deploy highly personalised customer service experiences
  • Support time-sensitive banking applications, like online stock trading where milliseconds can determine a gain or  loss
  • Improve security and fraud prevention bycomputing and exchanging more data traveling between parties in real-time
  • Enhance mPOS transactions and utilisation. 5G holds the potential to accelerate mobile point of sale (MPOS) transaction processing time and improve connectivity

In order to explore these topics, this book covers:

• Decentralisation of the banks

• Banking without banks

• 5G will change the modern banking industry

• Blockchain adoption by the banking industry