Global Counter-Terrorist Financing and Soft Law: Multi-Layered Approaches

Doron Goldbarsht
Release date:May 1, 2020
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing
Price:£ 25.00 (eBook)

This highly topical book is an original contribution to the current literature on counter-terrorist financing, compliance and soft law. Specifically, the book focuses on Financial Action Task Force recommendations and counter-terrorism financing legislation.

This thought-provoking investigation demonstrates that an understanding of the counter-terrorism financing regime can shed light on the departure from regular international law-making processes, and on the emerging forms of international governance in an era of globalisation. An understanding of the regime’s multi-layered approach shows how this can be replicated as a tool in the prevention and resolution of conflict and the promotion of international justice in areas such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, and weapons of mass destruction.

This book will be an invaluable resource for those studying and researching in law, terrorism studies, criminal justice and finance, in particular comparative law and compliance with hard and soft law. It will also be relevant to policymakers and practitioners working in counter-terrorism.

Doron Goldbarsht

Doron Goldbarsht is a Lecturer in Law at Macquarie University, Australia. His current research focuses on managing the relationship between financial inclusion and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing objectives, and state compliance with soft law. Doron’s recent journal and chapter publications focus on different international AML/CTF standards, and the mechanisms for their effective implementation and compliance at the national level. He also publishes on the regulation of counter-terrorism and money laundering, particularly on state compliance with binding and non-binding norms.