26 Jan

The Compliance Cafe

Online Event

European Compliance Center presents: The Compliance Cafe!

What is about? Monthly online meetings with outstanding compliance professionals.

The aim: to encourage interaction between compliance professionals from different countries and discuss current risk & compliance topics.

Format: 40-minute webinar + Q&A session.

The First Compliance Cafe will feature the peculiarities of transnational fight against illicit money flows – regulations, institutions and effectiveness.

Our discussion will elaborate on the following questions:

1. Which are the most important standard settlers/ the strongest enforcers internationally?

2. Are there really best-practice jurisdictions? US? Switzerland? UK? Some of the EU Member States? Asian countries?

3. Are international AML standards effective? Why despite all regulatory initiative, is the volume of money laundering not decreasing?

4. Responsibility of financial institutions to gatekeep the financial system – are they too burdensome?

5. Proportionality: how do we achieve a balance between commercial and compliance pressures? What about de-risking?

About the speaker

Our speaker will be Anastasia Savvateeva – a Financial Crime Enigmatologist and AML, Sanctions and Audit Puzzle Solver. Finalist for Compliance Week’s “Excellence in Compliance” Awards 2021, category “Rising Star in Compliance”, Anastasia is currently a Deputy Head of Financial Crime Compliance at a global financial institution that provides investment management services.

Passionate about the fight against financial crime, Anastasia actively participates in various initiatives, and does not miss any chance to take up new challenges, such as joint projects with Transparency International France, her engagement as a Subject Matter Expert with Ecofel (The Egmont Group) or her involvement in the mentorship of young students who only just started their professional life in compliance.

Save the date: the First Compliance Cafe will be held online for free of charge on Wednesday, 26th January 2022 at 18.00 CET. The Risk & Compliance Platform Europe is also a media partner.

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03 Feb

3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2022

Online Event

Fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, price-fixing cartels and intellectual property crimes pursued typically for financial and professional gain, have devastating consequences for the prosperity of economic life. Too often an effective response to economic crime is limited by institutional, disciplinary, and cultural barriers. Combining different disciplinary perspectives, being it criminology, law, economics, accountancy, security, business management, computer science, and psychology, and involving various policing actors, such as states, companies, banks, NGOs, and media, should become the new reality of solving economic crime challenges.

The 3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium brings together a diverse body of researchers, practitioners, students, and other community members to discuss how economic criminology can feed an effective response to economic crime. ‘Economic criminology’ at its simplest is the study of the financially motivated economic crimes and deviant acts perpetrated by individuals or organisations against individuals or organisations. It is orientated to generating knowledge with the aim of reducing the harms of these crimes and deviant acts, improving the response to them as well as wider questions concerning power relations and the application of relevant theory. It draws upon a wide base of interdisciplinary scholars.

Join scholars, practitioners, and other experts for a discussion and reflection on the most important problems associated with economic crime.

The ‘Economic Crime: From Conception to Response – 3rd Winter Economic Crime Symposium 2022’ event will be taking place online for free of charge on February 3rd 2022 from 10:00 – 16:00 UK time.

For the full programme details of the event, click here.

24 Feb

Workforce Identity Governance & Access Management

Online Event

Altrusia is a global events company that brings together the brightest and the most innovative minds from across industries and sectors, academia, institutions, and governments to discuss, network and engage in the various problems and opportunities facing the future of businesses in the 4th global industrial revolution led by new media and technology.

They are conducting an event on “Workforce Identity Governance & Access Management”. It is a virtual summit, which will be taking place on 24th February 2022 at 14:00 hours CET. The event will invite more than 300 delegates from the field of Digital Identity, Access Management, Identity Governance & Administration, Identity Lifecycle Management, Cloud Architect, System Architect, Workforce policy, and many more.

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the event includes:

Enhancing Enterprise security with Identity Governance & Privileged Access Management Automating Provisioning & De-provisioning with Identity Lifecycle Management How can Identity Governance & Lifecycle management improve Hybrid & Remote work? Enabling and securing Digital Identities for all users, applications and data using Identity Governance & Administration

For more information on this event, visit:

14 Mar

2022 European Compliance & Ethics Institute

In-Person and Virtual

Join the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics for their 10th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute, which will be taking place both in-person and virtually to learn about the challenges facing the European and global compliance and ethics community. Hear from today’s compliance and ethics leaders on the latest solutions to your challenges, hear strategies to mitigate risk, and improve your organisation’s compliance program.

ECEI’s educational sessions will provide you with the opportunity to earn live Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® continuing education units (CEUs).

Hot topics for 2022

Anti-corruption Crisis management Data privacy and data protection Implementing global trade compliance Investigations Risk management Conflict of interest Whistleblowing ESG Healthcare compliance

Who should attend?

Compliance and ethics professionals In-house and outside counsel Audit managers/officers Information and privacy officers Regulators and other government personnel Risk managers Corporate executives and leaders Researchers and policy makers Human resource managers

This year, SCCE is holding the European Compliance & Ethics Institute both in-person and virtually. Attend in-person and you also have the option to attend virtually at a discounted rate.

In-person: 14-16 March 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Get three days of access to 50 educational sessions Take an optional CCB certification exam offered on the last day Network face-to-face with attendees, speakers, and solution providers Connect with other attendees through SpeedNetworking (Pre-registration required) Network with peers and colleagues during our 10th Anniversary Networking Reception Add the virtual conference to your in-person registration for a discounted rate of $125 for members or $175 for non-members

Virtual: 22-23 March 2022

Get two days of access to 30 educational sessions Experience our robust virtual platform that allows you to engage during live sessions via chat, take notes, ask questions of the speakers, and network virtually with fellow attendees Learn more about CCB’s remote proctored exam option

If you are interesting in learning more about the in-person or virtual SCCE event, you can click on this link and download the brochure to read more about the agenda. You can also register directly.

06 Apr

Ai4 2022 Cybersecurity Summit

Online Event

Over two days, the Ai4 2022 Cybersecurity Summit brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in the cybersecurity sector. Join us at industry’s most impactful AI for cybersecurity event.

With a use-case oriented approach to content, we deliver actionable insights from those working on the frontlines of AI in the enterprise. We provide a common framework for thinking about what AI means to the cybersecurity services industry and to deliver content that progresses understanding at any stage of an organisation’s AI journey.

The Ai4 2022 Cybersecurity Summit will be taking place on April 6 – 7, 2022 online. Further information on speakers, etc can be found here.

About Ai4

Ai4 is the organiser behind industry’s most impactful AI events. By gathering leaders of enterprise from across industry, government organisations, disruptive startups, investors, research labs, academia, associations, open source projects, media and analysts, they are creating the largest and most influential arena for idea-sharing, AI-related commerce, and technological progress. Their mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to both enterprise and the future of our globe as we transition into a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration.

07 Apr

Combating Financial Economic Crime

Euroclear Headquarters, Brussels

On Thursday, April 7 2022, the International Risk Congress will take place in Brussels with the theme “Combating Financial Economic Crime”. The language of the conference is English. Several speakers from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and abroad have already committed themselves. The event will be held at Euroclear’s headquarters in Brussels. It is easy to reach by car and train, and within walking distance from Brussels North Station.

International, cross-border financial and economic crime runs like a thread through the program, with contributions on international scamming practices, cryptocurrency regulations and the role that offshore companies play internationally in the fight against money laundering. Various professors will give keynote presentations, but practitioners such as Olivier Goffard, Global Director Compliance Euroclear, among many others, will also speak.

The special conference website will soon go live with all the details about the program and the speakers. You can in any case already mark down April 7 in your agenda. The event will begin at 11.30 am. This Congress is organized by the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe. Congress Chairman: Michel Klompmaker.

For more information visit

Would you like to receive more information about this event? Send an email to

21 Apr

Business Fraud and Risk Management Summit

Online Event

Growing globalisation, more competitive markets, and COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation causing an increase in the demand for technological developments within organisations. This has led to an increase in the fraudulent practices, and have provided people intending to commit fraud with new scenarios and new methods to carry out these activities. Fraud and misconduct can seriously damage the reputation for integrity leading to decline in market confidence and public trust. It can also expose businesses to legal, regulatory, and reputational damage. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to take a strong and proactive stance against fraud and develop a robust mechanism to combating fraud and protect itself from increased vulnerability.

Integrating technological solution that can detect fraud at the very early stage and can prevent it from happening is the very crucial step that every businesses needs to take. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biometrics & Big Data analytics are playing a critical role in fraud detection & prevention across various industries. It can also provide standardised processes that integrate large quantities of transactional data allowing to monitor, control, manage and optimise processes, ensuring revenue assurance and risk management in real time.

​Business Fraud & Risk Management is a networking event that will invite visionary speakers and leaders from the fields of Business, Services, Innovation, Technology, and IT in order to address the challenges and opportunities associated with Fraud & Risk Management across industries.

The key discussion points of the event will be:

Third party risk management Fraud Detection & Prevention Identity Theft & Identity Fraud Payment Fraud Operational Risk Management Account Takeover Prevention Fraud Risk in Manufacturing Combating Digital Ad Fraud

What can you look forward to?

There will be six interactive virtual keynote sessions, a virtual panel discussion, 250+ key industry personnel, interactive virtual exhibition booths, AI powered virtual One on One meetings and Blockchain powered attendance certification!

Join Altrusia Global for their Business Fraud & Risk Management Summit, which will be taking place on April 21st 2022 online starting from 14:00 hours GMT. If you would like to register, or would like more information on this event, click here.

28 Apr

Financial Crime Expo

London, UK

The Financial Crime Expo UK will bring together industry leaders and technology pioneers from across the field providing a platform to connect, share knowledge and learn about the latest technologies in financial crime prevention. The topics that will be covered are: AML, KYC, Due Diligence, AI, Security, Identity Management, Risk Intelligence and many more.

The event will also provide a unique opportunity for innovators to showcase the latest products, technologies and services within the Financial Crime Expo, RiskTech sectors. Technologies featured, to a name a few, will include:

Regulatory Reporting Risk Management Identity Management & Control Compliance Transaction Monitoring AML KYC GDPR MiFID II Data Governance

Professionals will include, but not be limited to Heads of Financial Crime, Compliance, AML Consultants, Security Heads, Directors of Regulations, Head of Compliance, IT Directors, Directors of Policy and Regulation, Industry Compliance Officers and Head of Risk Management .

Listen to industry leading speakers from a range of pioneering technology providers to the financial crime sector including Regulatory Reporting, Risk Management, Identity Management & Control, Compliance, Transaction Monitoring, AML, KYC, GDPR, MiFID II, AI, Screening and Data Governance.

The Financial Crime Expo will be taking place on April 28th 2022 at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, 43 Bank St, London E14 5NX. For more information on this event, click here.