28 May

SAS Analytics Forum 2020

Forum SAS Bruxelles Passage 44 Bruxelles, Belgium
Hype after hype has stirred up the world of AI and analytics in the last few years. Technology is moving out of the laboratory and into real-world applications. Time to get serious. Data doesn’t change organisations. Decisions do. This year’s SAS Analytics Forum is all about ‘The future of decisioning. How do you get from promise to value? How do you conquer the last mile of analytics? Join more than 800 analysts, data-scientists and business leaders to: Learn from keynote speaker Peter Hinssen how to achieve balanced innovation Learn from industry leading experts who will explain how data creates value in their industry: public, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, public sector or telco, … Learn from real-life ‘how-to customer cases’ Learn from deep-dive AI & Analytics sessions, not for the faint hearted! Roll your sleeves up and get busy during hands-on trainings Join super demos on the latest technology Have fun in the data-science escape room or playing a game of smart darts! And last but not least…network with like-minded data lovers and discuss how they tackle their everyday data challenges!
08 Jun

The 2020 Airmic Conference

Edinburgh International Conference Center, Edinburgh, Scotland

The 2020 Airmic Conference will be held on the theme: ‘working together’. We are living in a new world, in which risks are increasingly interconnected, unpredictable and fast moving. The Airmic community – which includes insurers, brokers, risk services providers and all other allies in risk – must work together more than ever. This will mean cultivating closer relations with other business functions to take risk out of its silo, and building closer relationships with the market.

The Airmic Conference is a unique chance for the risk and insurance community to come together to discover, debate and learn. It is our opportunity to help grow the influence of our profession in this age of new technology and globalisation. We will have the latest thought leadership presentations and reports, unrivalled networking opportunities, 36 educational workshops/seminars and many more short talks and discussions to support your continuous professional development.

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21 Jun

31st Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston, USA

The 31st Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference will take place from June 21-26 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center.

The 31st Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference 2020 is dedicated to anti-fraud issues, including:

The role of technology in both fraud and fraud investigations Solutions to anti-fraud issues your company is facing Tracing of Funds Forensic Interviewing Techniques to Detect Deception for Examiners, Auditors and Investigators Trends in Financial Institution Fraud Issues in Mortgage Fraud Cargo Theft and Its Impact on the Insurance Industry Ethical Culture to Prevent Fraud and Improve Compliance Exploiting Internet and Social Network Intelligence to enhance Investigations Government Contract Fraud Corporate Environment Best practices you can incorporate into your organisation’s anti-fraud strategy Laws and regulations related to fraud and whistleblowers

The 31st Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference 2020 brings together professionals from around the world who are involved in preventing, identifying and detecting fraud and white collar crime within organisations.

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23 Sep

The Belgian Cloud Summit

Docks Dome Event Hall 1 Lambermontlaan 1000, Brussel, Belgium

Digital transformation is on every company’s agenda. And indeed, the search for well-designed cloud-based applications and reliable services of data centers for storage, back-up or extra computing power are an essential part of this continuous challenge.

This conference gives access to the best experts, the best-of-bread solutions and the most reliable service providers – all in one day! Enrich your knowledge as a participant and get access to the insights you need to ensure the success of your digital transformation journey.

The four tracks of the event are are:

Digital Transformation Cloud Strategy Compliance & Security Challenges Cloud Applications & Datacenter Services

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27 Oct

The Internet of Things Convention

Lamot Congress Center, Mechelen, Belgium

The fifth edition of the Internet Of Things Convention will be the largest IOT conference in Europe. It will take place on June 10, 2020 and will cover topics like innovating ideas and networking. The Internet of Things Convention Europe has the ambition to stimulate businesses and organisations to discover the huge potential of IOT!

Nowadays everything is connected to the digital world, which creates new experiences and lots of opportunities. The benefits of this all-round connectivity are huge. For the users, the customers, the providers and all different industries those are: a better customer experience, active monitoring, more security, lower operational costs, higher energy-efficiency, proactive maintenance and a faster technical support.

How will IoT-applications create new business opportunities? And what trends should you keep an eye on? Over 40 experts will give an answer to these questions and no less than 55 companies will demonstrate their capabilities, platforms, technologies and services.

This particular edition will focus on four domains where IOT is said to be making a difference in today, which are:

Smart Cities Smart Mobility Smart Living Industry 4.0

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28 Oct

Belgian Cyber Security Convention

Lamot Congres Centre Mechelen, Belgium

As organisations turn digital, even the most advanced companies are potential victims of a cyber attack. To be prepared, we have to share our knowledge and cooperate. The Belgian Cyber Security Convention (BCSC) stimulates businesses to invest in their data protection by bringing the whole field of IT-specialists together for a one-day event of networking and education. For visiting companies, this is the unique opportunity to get connected and stay updated on the latest evolutions in information technology. 

Share knowledge about cyber security related enablers including protection processes, policies, organisation, skills, awareness, and regulations. Survey state of the art methods and technology to build adequate protection, response and recovery activities. Explore tools and techniques that support the complete cybersecurity building process. Discover components and architecture elements necessary for building defense platforms. Receive all necessary information regarding the upcoming regulations.

Not one day passes by without news of phishing, data breaches, privacy violations and more. Start protecting the future of your business at the Belgian Cyber Security Convention. Businesses are stimulated to invest in their data protection by bringing the whole field of IT-specialists together for a one-day event of networking and education. This conference will be the largest one in Benelux and will feature:

more than 50 speakers 5 areas of discussion (the tracks are Technology & Innovation, Platforms & Tools, Compliance & Legal, Governance & Practices and Small and Medium Enterprises)

For more information about the Belgian Cyber Security Convention, visit