Censorship in Germany, but now with support from the USA

27 July 2020

by Claudia Zimmermann

It may sound a bit strange at first glance. Censorship in Germany, that has definitely been over since World War II? That’s right. Fortunately, there is freedom of expression in Germany and there is freedom of the press. But still there is something strange going on. Not a single journalist is arrested and sentenced to death in Germany, unlike in some other countries such as China and Iran. This is fortunate, but some strange things do happen. And why then, you wonder? Well, the answer is simple. Very large companies like to sit on the heads of government and ministers and state secretaries of their interest to defend their own major financial interests. I will explain very specifically how this works in my case. 

I have been a journalist for many years and can draw on decades of experience. My credo was and still is truth-finding based on the facts, regardless of which person and / or company it concerns. A few years ago I started my own YouTube video channel and every week I placed the videos I recorded on various topics about the economy, politics, corruption, climate, etc … That channel was called Games of Truth and that became more and more popular with subscribers. So it created more and more of an impact and the issues I brought up were sometimes not so pleasant for certain people and companies, but they were based on thorough research on my part and that of my colleagues from my network. The facts I mentioned were not contradicted by those involved, nor was I allowed to receive any information about a factual error.

Meanwhile, the popularity of my video channel grew strongly and a list was made. Suddenly my video channel was blocked by YouTube (Google). This is how it works behind the scenes nowadays.

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