Czech Republic and Slovakia added with their own language and content to the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe

08 October 2020

Under the direction of Dr. Branislav Hock and in collaboration with the European Compliance Center we have succeeded in serving the countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in their own language with their own content from now on. The Eastern European countries within the EU are important to our platform. The Polish website has already been launched, the Romanian and recently also the Bulgarian website thanks to the cooperation with the European Compliance Center in Sofia. So from now on you can visit the website or

Dr. Branislav Hock has studied at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and is now a Senior Lecturer for Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom. He teaches in the field of financial and economic crime and compliance. Branislav was also a member of the Czech Anti-Corruption Coordination Council for more than 4 years on behalf of the Czech government.

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