Duisenberg school of finance stops

14 February 2015

Duisenberg school of finance (DSF) will integrate its education programme with the honours programme of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU University Amsterdam (VU) by 1 September 2015.

This reflects the shared ambition of the three schools to provide high-quality education in the field of finance in Amsterdam. Typical elements of the existing programme of the Duisenberg school of finance – such as the strong alignment and collaboration with the financial sector – will be part of the honours programme. The programme will be referred to as the “Duisenberg Honours Programme”. “In recent years, DSF has established itself with a clear position in the market of academic finance education,” says Jaap Winter, President of the Executive Board of the VU. “By integrating these programmes into the master programmes of VU and UvA a powerful combination is created, through which we will provide the financial world in the Netherlands and abroad with excellent graduates.” “The UvA and the VU have been involved with the Duisenberg school of finance since its establishment,” explains Louise Gunning, President of the Executive Board of the UvA. “With this integration we will enter a new phase in which we will work even more closely together in the field of finance.”

“Since 2008, more than 400 students have been trained and have found their way into the financial sector. Duisenberg alumni are currently working in key positions within banking, corporate finance, financial markets, M & A, and regulatory and risk management,” says Dirk Schoenmaker, Dean of the Duisenberg school of finance. While the Duisenberg school of finance has been able – despite the challenging economic climate – to triple the number of students, the scale is insufficient to remain independent in the coming years. Through this integration, optimal scale will be achieved. The financial sector will continue to support the Duisenberg Honours Programme intensively in the upcoming years.
“Students who wish to enroll for the 2015-2016 academic year may consider pursuing their education at UvA/VU,” explains Dirk Schoenmaker. “For current students of the Duisenberg school of finance nothing changes; they will be able to complete the programme as planned.”

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