Free local transfers in Europe and free virtual and physical MasterCard

19 April 2020

by Dina-Perla Portnaar

Rewire enhances its end-to-end neobanking service for migrants with new functionalities, putting users and their daily needs at the forefront, especially in times of COVID-19. Immigrants are now offered free local transfers from and to any European country and a free virtual and physical MasterCard. Digital banking for migrants has never been so easy, transparent and accessible from any device. Rewire is now providing free local transfers to all IBAN accounts in Europe, aiming for cross-border, Pan-European financial inclusion. The service via the Rewire app is simple and just takes a few steps to complete the transfer. Also, migrants can use this service anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the transfer is credited within up to one business day. The bank account of the receiver does not have to be a Rewire account in order to get the money. 

Apart from the local transfers within Europe, Rewire enriches its end-to-end neobanking functionalities, by offering a free virtual card in addition to the physical MasterCard which is already offered. Migrants can start using the card from the first day they order it. They do not have to wait for the delivery of the physical MasterCard in order to do online payments. Rewire provides secured online card details within the Rewire app, which means that migrants can activate the virtual card immediately when logged in.

Zero annual fees and no hidden payments

Migrants can order the MasterCard online and use it straight away, just by going to their account from the Rewire app, by clicking on card management and revealing the card details and balance. There are no charges for depositing money to the Mastercard balance and there are no fees for card payments. In other words, Rewire offers zero annual fees and no hidden payments. On top of that, customers get instant notifications on the money spent. They get access to attractive foreign exchange rates. Also, they can withdraw cash from any ATM with low fees. Last, they get access to special and exclusive offerings available. In short, the virtual and physical MasterCard is fast, simple and convenient and saves customers time and money.

Guy Kashtan, CEO Rewire. ”We are proud of the new upgrades, which are of major significance to our portfolio and our customers. We want to stay the number one partner for migrants and continue to provide an all-inclusive digital banking solution, which is safe, easy to use, fast and friendly to access, especially in current times. We are happy to see the results of our neobanking approach and the impact it has on the daily functioning and well-being of people.”

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