TED Talk By Dina-Perla Portnaar

21 February 2022
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How can we break open closed-up communities all around the world and protect children from hurt? Listen to Dina-Perla’s heartfelt personal story on child abuse, harmful traditional practices, healing and empowerment. She states: “to see the patterns is to see the solutions”. Dina-Perla also shares a couple of urgent call-to-actions with us – for all of us, for the closed-up communities and for governmental bodies.

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There is a massive urgency to solve problems within closed-up communities all around the globe. Problems that do not only concern personal suffering, but can become a great risk to the collective if we do not act properly. In fact, I believe that if we would manage to solve the issues within the closed-up communities, the larger issues within the collective would be easier to solve as well. We need to dig deeper and collaborate in order to change. The TED talk is the first talk ever in which concrete solutions are presented to the public, focusing on all of us, people within the closed-up communities and on governmental bodies. The talk is not just about sharing a personal story.

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