How to find the right whistleblowing solution for your organisation

15 November 2023

The message is clear: organisations must be held accountable for their social and environmental footprint. Therefore, it’s inevitable that speaking up becomes the next social norm for so many countries around the world.

The EU seems to be especially determined to improve conditions, both inside and outside of its boundaries. The well-known Directive for the Protection of Whistleblowers, as well as the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive are both proof that social and environmental organisational commitments are the only way forward.

Are you looking to identify and implement a whistleblowing solution for your organisation? Great timing! The global whistleblowing software market is blooming. But the hype around the topic is exactly why finding the right solution is becoming harder and harder.

This buyer’s guide explains what a good whistleblowing tool is all about and helps you find your match in three simple steps.