Risk in Focus 2021: Covid-19 changes the risk profile of the organisation

24 September 2020

Let it be known, Covid-19 has serious consequences for the risk profiles of many organisations and therefore also for the audit plans for 2021. It is therefore not surprising that “Disasters and Crisis responses” has entered new and high in the top 10 hot topics for internal audit. This list of hot topics is included annually in IIA’s Risk in Focus report. Every year, the European Institutes of Internal Auditors join forces to assess the risks Chief Audit Executives foresee for the following calendar year. As the results of the report reveal, for the third year in a row, cybersecurity risks remain at the top. Macroeconomic and geopolitical risks were up 29 percent from last year. The importance of resilience and adaptability is clear from the report. The results of the report are also very valuable for organisations that have to prepare the audit plans for 2021 and it provides a good overview of the challenges ahead in the coming year. As a visitor to the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe, you can download the new Risk in Focus report for free.