Fiduciary Management

The original outsourced CIO. Revised and Expanded Edition

Release date:2019
Publisher:Van Nunen & Partners
Price:€ 49,59

The concept of fiduciary management has turned out to be very successful. This second, revised edition confirms the positive experiences gained in the last fifteen years. The concept is judged in terms of its robustness and of regulatory requirements with respect to governance and responsibility. Moreover, in recent years fiduciary management has been the topic of many conferences, seminars and round tables, of which the most important findings are incorporated in this new edition. The book has been translated into Dutch, German and Japanese.

Jean Frijns: ‘Fiduciary management is an answer to the increasing complexity of the investment environment. This book shows what professional management is about. Reading the book is a must.’ [2007]

Aart de Geus: ‘I know Anton van Nunen as an excellent academic, advisor and author in pension matters. During the time I was Minister of Social Affairs and Employment our paths crossed in several high level events. He was among the first to criticize rightly the rulings for pensions that were not solid in times of great volatility of asset prices. Mr. Van Nunen is a highly estimated interlocutor for our OECD experts on Pensions.’ [2011]

Anton van Nunen

Dr Anton M. van Nunen PhD is an economist and worldwide founder of fiduciary management. For introducing and developing this revolutionary management concept by institutional investors, this ‘Darwin of the pensions world’ has received three prestigious awards: the Pension Personality of the Year Award by European Pensions, the Gold Award for Outstanding Industry Contribution by Investment & Pensions Europe and the Global Pensions Decade of Distinction Award.

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