04 Jul

Risk & Compliance Summer School 2024

Capital C Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Summer School in Amsterdam is a unique training organised by Risk & Compliance Platform Europe on ESG, Integrity & Anti-Corruption in an International Context of Compliance. Our summer course will provide multiple benefits for participants, namely: broadening and deepening your knowledge, learning from practical cases, sharing your expertise with fellow peers, and enriching your network with international professionals.

You will also have the opportunity to share best practices, brainstorm ideas, learn new methodologies, and directly apply new tools to practical exercises.

This summer course will take place in the city of Amsterdam during a two-day program. The lecturers have a wide array of professional experience in their dedicated field, with the courses including practical workshops and theory.

The Summer School is open to anyone who has the right education and experience, mainly Directors, Compliance Officers / Managers, Senior Risk & Compliance Professionals and Lawyers.

Our exciting two-day interactive Summer School is set to take place on 4 and 5 July 2024 at the Capital C building in Amsterdam. For more information on program, lecturers and enrolment, please click here.