Foundation SOMI submits the largest collective data request under the GDPR to tech giants

03 August 2021
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The SOMI Foundation submits the largest European collective data request recently to three tech giants: TikTok, Zoom and Palantir. According to the GDPR, companies are obliged to comply with the request for stored personal data. SOMI requests the personal data on behalf of its participants as part of the investigation into the possible violation of the GDPR by the international companies. The GDPR prescribes that companies that are active in Europe are obliged to provide access to stored personal data on request. In addition, it must be clearly stated how the personal data is stored and with whom it is shared. However, it is often not clear how such a request should be submitted to the company, if the option is offered at all. There is also no explicit way of supplying the stored personal data, which makes it difficult for consumers to understand which data is stored and used, and how it can be modified or deleted.

SOMI is committed to help consumers to exercise their rights against international tech giants. The foundation collectively requests the personal data on behalf of participants who have issued a power of attorney. There are no costs involved for the consumer. The first collective application is being submitted today on behalf of 65,000 participants to TikTok, Zoom and Palantir. On Wednesday 11th August, a second request will be submitted on behalf of the new participants.

SOMI has introduced an app which provides consumers with insight into the requested personal data, fully in accordance with privacy legislation. The supplied data is presented in a clear format, so that the consumer understands which data is stored about them, how their data is used by the tech giants and how this information can be adjusted or deleted.

GDPR Violations

TikTok, Zoom and Palantir must – in accordance with the GDPR guidelines – comply with the request for access to personal data within one month. If the companies do not cooperate with SOMI’s collective data request or if they provide incomplete data, SOMI will pursue a further legal action. This can be a declaration to the data protection authority, or a request to collectively modify or delete the data.

When participating in the collective data request, consumers can optionally participate in SOMI’s investigation into GDPR violations by TikTok, Zoom or Palantir. In addition, they can choose to participate in a possible collective claim. However, the collective request for personal data is not part of the claim that SOMI is currently making against TikTok.


Anyone in the EU/EEA, and Switzerland and Ireland over the age of 18 can participate in the collective data request from the three companies. Participation is simple via the SOMI app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, or via

Source: The Dutch Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI)

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