Lockdown or Knock-out? Part 3: In the USA and Brazil, Covid-19 inexorably strikes

20 July 2020
Knowledge Base

by Michel Klompmaker

The WHO has reported a record number of new infections worldwide in recent days. The health organisation reported last Saturday that 224,260 new infections worldwide were registered in one day. And then we are only talking about the cases known to WHO. It can be guessed that the situation is even more serious, because even in a civilised country like the Netherlands, many infections were simply not reported. But what does this mean for the global economy? Let’s take a closer look at two major players from across the ocean, then it will soon be clear that the worst is yet to come. Most reports from the past few days come from the United States and Brazil. Together these countries account for almost half of all new infections worldwide, but many people in India have also tested positive for the virus. A few figures: The number of new worldwide registered new infections in the week of June 29 – July 5 was 1,230,000. Last June, the WHO recorded a record number of new infections of 5,303,000 compared to more than 2,300,000 last April.

In the three countries mentioned above, several restrictions against the spread of the coronavirus have recently eased, while the virus is still spreading among the population. The United States has particularly been hit hard by the pandemic. Could it have something to do with the leadership style of Mr. Trump and his Brazilian counterpart Mr. Balsonaro? The latter seems to be more concerned with his position of power and that of his closest friends and family than with the health of the Brazilian people. Bolsonaro, a fan of the man from the White House, is strikingly involved with reporters and the serious press, just like his colleague from the USA.

If we take a look at the list of influential countries outside the EU, we quickly conclude that there are few real leaders and heads of state that can still be trusted. And those are the leaders who are important to the global economy. They all have almost the same characteristics and their own agendas. They are eager for power and status, tolerate no contradiction, hate freedom of the press and prefer to surround themselves with an army of boot lickers. No great prospect for those who genuinely believe in international cooperation.

Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci, the most important American virologist, warned last week of a resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. If people do not follow current measures, the virologist says the spread could increase to 100,000 new infections a day. And that is the country that is still the engine of the global economy. Let’s just say food for thought.

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