Ukrainian IT company to participate in Brussels Congress on Combating FEC

21 April 2022
Knowledge Base

YouControl is a Ukrainian IT company, developing open data services since 2014 and a same-name analytical system for analysing companies’ and individuals’ activities ( They have many years of successful experience in creating AML and KYC systems used by international companies. The company is a member of 15 business associations, such as the European Business Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many others. Furthermore, YouControl is trusted by the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), and many other government regulators.

Subject: How to reveal ‘Russian traces’ in a business quickly

From this topic you will learn:

  • How to obtain reliable data on CIS businesses without spending time on applications to state registers
  • How to find Russian and Belarusian assets beyond these countries
  • How to check your business and contractors for links with Russian PEP and sanctions
  • The main catch with the data already used by the EU and USA
  • To analyse connections up to level 4. How deep is it?
  • How to check refugees and persons with the temporary protection status
  • How to check for connections with sanctioned persons or companies.

The subject will be of interest for:

  • Compliance officers;
  • AML and KYC specialists;
  • Public officials and law-enforcement agencies; and
  • Investigative journalists.

The speaker will be Oleksandr Pomoshnikov, Chief Business Development Officer. At YouControl, Oleksandr is at the forefront of developing and defining key values of the product to determine any Russian and Belarusian ties. He is also an OpenData scientist and a specialist in investigating connections to the «Russian World».

More information on YouControl’s service is available at

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