Tony de Bree
Tony de Bree

What about Startups ?

16 September 2015

The period we are living in is more or less similar to the period between 1997-2002 when a number of experts at a number of large Financial Institutions and other specialists were looking at proposals of all kinds of .com start-ups. I would like to share with you some practical lessons learned from that period and from current experiences .

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Economic and Political Risk Evaluator assists companies in strategic decision-making

16 September 2015

Oxford Economics and Control Risks recently launched an innovative risk management enterprise that assists companies in their strategic decision-making. Economic and political risks are more interconnected than ever before. The strategic success of an organisation relies increasingly on its ability to anticipate and react to future shocks caused by this complex relationship between economics and politics. Continue reading…

Botta Building BIS Basel

Vulnerabilities of emerging market economies take centre stage

14 September 2015

BIS (Bank for International Settlements) highlights the increased focus of investors on vulnerabilities in emerging market economies and the consequences for global markets. The BIS locational and consolidated banking statistics have been enhanced and expanded in a number of ways. Taken together, the enhancements enrich analysis of banks’ lending and funding and of their role in the transmission of shocks across countries. Continue reading…

C ybersecurity image

EU-US data protection “Umbrella agreement”

11 September 2015

The EU-US data protection “Umbrella agreement ” negotiations are finalised and the agreement has just been intitialled. It puts in place a comprehensive high-level data protection framework for EU-US law enforcement cooperation. The Agreement covers all personal data (for example names, addresses, criminal records) exchanged between the EU and the U.S. for the purpose of prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences, including terrorism. Continue reading…


Roderick Munsters to leave Robeco

09 September 2015

Robeco Group announced the departure of Roderick Munsters, who will resign as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Management Board. Mr. Munsters will leave once a smooth handover to his successor has been completed. Continue reading…

christopher woolard

The future of the UK mortgage market

07 September 2015

Christopher Woolard

It scarcely needs saying that few issues in the UK matter more to the general public than homeownership. As a nation, we consume huge amounts of information about property. We are borrowing more. And we’re spending increasing amounts of disposable income on homes. For mortgage leaders today of course – in business and regulation, as well as in politics – those trends create a number of important questions. Some are questions rooted in the origins of the financial crisis. Others very micro and personal. Continue reading…

Rabobank Front

Carin Gorter and Bas Brouwers nominated as members Executive Board

05 September 2015

The Supervisory Board has nominated Carin Gorter and Bas Brouwers as members of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland. Both nominations will be submitted for regulatory review and for advice from the Works Council. Carin Gorter will become Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Bas Brouwers will take up the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The existing role of Chief Financial and Risk Officer, currently held by Bert Bruggink, will be split. Continue reading…