The European Commission recommends to Council confirming Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia’s perspective to become members of the EU

19 June 2022

Last Friday, the European Commission presented its Opinions on the application for EU membership submitted by Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova as invited by the Council. Today’s Opinions are based on the Commission’s assessment in light of the three sets of criteria to join the EU agreed by the European Council: political criteria, economic criteria and the ability of the country to assume the obligations of EU membership (EU acquis). The Opinions also take into account Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia’s efforts in implementing their obligations under the Association Agreements (AA), including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas (DCFTA), which cover significant parts of the EU acquis. The European Commission has found that Ukraine overall is well advanced in reaching the stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities; has continued its strong macro-economic record, demonstrating a noteworthy resilience with macroeconomic and financial stability, while needing to continue ambitious structural economic reforms; and has gradually approximated to substantial elements of the EU acquis in many areas.
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Steve Munford, CEO of Trulioo at Money20/20 speaks on its business developments, market position, and challenges

16 June 2022
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Ingrid Gacci

What a journey! This is the impression after three days spent at Money20/20. Money20/20 is not only the largest global fintech event where payment and financial industries are connected to commerce, but a fascinating event that gave Risk & Compliance Platform Europe the opportunity to meet innovative top managers and professionals from all over the world. We recently had the pleasure of conducting one of our most insightful interviews together with the CEO of Trulioo, Steve Munford. Trulioo is a Canadian-based company that provides electronic identity and address verification of both individuals and businesses. Continue reading…

FCA strengthens consumer protection by speeding up removal of firms that do not use their regulatory permission

15 June 2022

The FCA is to use new powers to more swiftly cancel or change what regulated activities firms are permitted to do, these are known as permissions. This new power is available following a change in the law allowing the FCA to streamline and shorten the removals process. The FCA will provide a firm with two warnings if it believes it is not using its regulatory permission. The FCA will then be able to cancel the permission, or change it, 28 days after the first warning if the firm has not taken appropriate action. 

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Doing the right thing and Money2020, the 2022 edition

14 June 2022

Dina-Perla Portnaar

Another edition of the leading finance event has gone by. Between 7th and 9th June 2022, Money2020 was vibrant like always. In fact, the 2022 edition seemed even more vibrant than ever. Post-pandemic, it felt like a true gift to meet all those familiar and new faces in one venue. There is something special about meeting up with like-minded people in real-life. Continue reading…

New investigations on core international crimes increase by 44% since 2016

13 June 2022
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Investigations and prosecutions of the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes (known collectively as core international crimes) have steadily risen within the European Union since 2016. A total of 1,547 new cases were opened in 2021, compared with 1,073 in 2016, which represents a 44% increase.  In 2021, 3,171 cases were ongoing across all Member States. This trend can be attributed, in part, to the escalation of conflicts and grave human rights violations near EU borders (most recently in Ukraine, Belarus and Syria), leading to an influx of refugees into Member States. The higher level of expertise now available among national authorities also explains the increase in investigations.

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Dina-Perla Portnaar

Dina-Perla Portnaar


US Slumbers in Electoral Integrity

10 June 2022

Just have a look at the Electoral Integrity Global Report 2019 – 2021. It is a fascinating read. Electoral integrity in the United States of America is ranked 15th of the 29 countries in the Americas and is the lowest-ranked liberal democracy. The main areas of weakness in the USA are the drawing of the electoral boundaries, the results process, campaign finance and voter registration. Drawing on the Electoral Integrity dataset release 8.0, the report reveals which countries have the strongest elections, as well the parts of the electoral process where there are problems. Continue reading…

Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia become members of joint investigation team on alleged core international crimes in Ukraine

09 June 2022
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The judicial authorities of Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia will become members of the joint investigation team (JIT) on alleged core international crimes, which has been set up with the support of Eurojust. The Prosecutors General of the three EU Member States signed an agreement to join the JIT, together with their counterparts from Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, during a coordination meeting hosted by Eurojust on May 30 and the following day. The JIT was set up on 25 March by Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, and the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) became a participant last month. Continue reading…

Checklist for a good whistleblowing solution

08 June 2022
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by Daniel Vaknine

Employees play a key role in an organisation’s well-being. As we all know, it is they who make the organisation work. If the employees in an organisation are dissatisfied or experience injustices in the workplace, it can have major negative effects, ranging from lack of motivation and lack of results to enormous negative media attention or lost partners. A critical component in the well-being of employees is the possibility of whistleblowing. Historically, there have often been situations where people are afraid of being singled out as whistleblowers, either for fear of retaliation, special treatment or getting rid of their jobs. Today, these are well-established facts amongst many within the risk and compliance industry. Continue reading…

Basel Committee meets on climate-related financial risks, cryptoassets and G-SIBs

07 June 2022

The Basel Committee met on 27 May and approved a finalised set of principles for the effective management and supervision of climate-related financial risks. It also progressed its work on specifying a prudential treatment of cryptoassets and issuing a second consultation paper, and agreed on a way forward to reflect developments in the European banking union (EBU) on the assessment methodology for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs). In addition, the Committee is continuing to assess risks to and vulnerabilities of the global banking system, including those ensuing from the conflict in Ukraine. Continue reading…