Two arrests connected to suspected illegal £1 billion cryptoasset business 

27 June 2024

The FCA, working with the Metropolitan Police Service, has conducted an operation to arrest two individuals, aged 38 and 44, suspected of running an illegal cryptoasset exchange. More than £1 billion of unregistered cryptoassets are believed to have been bought and sold through this business. The FCA inspected the offices associated with the suspects and the police seized several digital devices during searches of two residential London properties.

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Nancy Mehrad

Nancy Mehrad

Author and the CEO and Founder of Registrant Law Professional Corporation

Canada’s AML Effectiveness Reviews

26 June 2024

One of the requirements under Canada’s anti-money laundering (“ML”) and anti-terrorist financing rules (“TF”) (together, “AML”) is for securities firms to have a bi-annual AML effectiveness review. What is an AML effectiveness review? An AML effectiveness review is an evaluation that must be conducted at least every two years to test the effectiveness of a firm’s compliance program. The review must be started no later than two years from the start of the firm’s previous review. The purpose of an AML effectiveness review is to determine whether a firm’s compliance program has gaps in its AML program. What is Registrant Law’s AML effectiveness review? At Registrant Law, we offer competitively priced AML effectiveness reviews. Continue reading…

New Cost Benefit Analysis Panel to be chaired by Dr Felix Martin

24 June 2024

Dr Felix Martin has been appointed chair of the FCA’s new, independent Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Panel. Dr Martin will lead the Panel as it examines how the FCA and Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) assess the proportionality of proposed policy changes. It will provide advice to the regulators on preparing and improving CBAs. The FCA estimates around a third of its CBA will be subject to the Panel’s review. Following consultation with the panel, the FCA and PSR will publish further details on which CBAs will qualify for review in the summer. Continue reading…

New report on encryption in criminal matters stresses balance between security and privacy

21 June 2024
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The EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security, of which Eurojust is one of the main partners, has on 10 June published its first report on the use of encrypted communications in criminal investigations. The report stresses the balance that needs to be struck between securing private communications and fundamental rights, while enabling investigations and prosecutions to combat organised crime and terrorism. Continue reading…



How to measure your speak up culture + scoresheet template

20 June 2024

Gone are the days when organisations could simply promise a speak up culture. Today, fostering a culture of trust, integrity, and a positive work environment has become crucial for both organisational and individual success. Measuring an effective speak up culture now requires a blend of quantitative and qualitative methods. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be complex.

In our whitepaper ‘How to measure your speak up culture’, we provide practical strategies we gathered from Chief Compliance Officers and a free scoresheet template to help you assess and enhance your workplace culture. This guide is an invaluable resource for building an open, communicative, and ethical environment where everyone feels safe to speak up.

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Indonesia Stock Exchange Partners with Nasdaq

19 June 2024

Nasdaq and the Indonesia Stock Exchange announced an expansion of their technology partnership which will see IDX upgrade its core trading platform to Nasdaq’s most advanced matching engine. The deal also includes an extension of Nasdaq’s market surveillance partnership with IDX, and an agreement to enhance IDX’s Index business to help foster a deeper and sophisticated global capital markets ecosystem. The agreement builds on Nasdaq’s broad range of partnerships across the Indonesian financial system. In addition to Nasdaq’s long-standing relationship with IDX, Nasdaq provides market surveillance technology to OJK, Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority, the core technology platform that underpins KSEI, Indonesia’s central securities depository, and its Calypso treasury solution to Bank Indonesia, the country’s central bank. Continue reading…

4th US General Counsel Summit 2024

18 June 2024

marcusevans is excited to announce that the US General Counsel Summit returns in September 16-17 at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, CA USA! The 4th US General Counsel Summit is an invitation-only, premium Summit bringing leading General Counsel and innovative suppliers and solution providers together. The Summit’s content is aligned with key legal challenges and interests, relevant market developments, and practical and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by successful pioneers. Continue reading…

Objections to Alchem over first pharmaceutical cartel case in the EU

17 June 2024

The European Commission has informed Alchem International Pvt. Ltd. and its subsidiary Alchem International (H.K.) Limited (together ‘Alchem’) of its preliminary view that they have breached EU antitrust rules by participating in a long-lasting cartel concerning an important pharmaceutical product. Alchem is a producer of the pharmaceutical ingredient N-Butylbromide Scopolamine/Hyoscine (‘SNBB’). The Commission has concerns that Alchem may have coordinated and agreed with other market participants to fix the minimum sales price of SNBB to customers (i.e., distributors and generic drug manufacturers) and to allocate quotas. In addition, Alchem may have exchanged commercially sensitive information with competitors. In October 2023, the Commission adopted a settlement decision in relation to the same cartel and concerning other companies. Continue reading…

Governments must intervene on anti-fraud funding for real-time payments

13 June 2024
Knowledge Base

by Craig Ramsey

The entire EU financial system is on countdown. By January 9th 2025, it will be a legal requirement for the region’s payment service providers to receive real-time credit transfers in Euros thanks to the new Instant Payments Regulation. Time is ticking and there are countless challenges to overcome. But the single biggest issue of all is consumer protection from fraud. To explain, a real-time payment is a credit transfer that makes funds available in a payee’s account within ten seconds of a payment order being made. Once received, it’s irreversible and the money can be withdrawn immediately. Continue reading…

New IBA GEI report emphasises the impact of current political and environmental developments on human resources

12 June 2024
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The latest report from the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI) states that political and environmental factors, such as the Russia-Ukraine war and the climate crisis are together reshaping employment landscapes around the world. In the IBA GEI’s Twelfth Annual Global Report (AGR) – based on data from lawyers in 54 countries – issues such as the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift towards remote work and the challenge of skilled labour shortages, as well as the energy crisis exacerbated by the war between Russia and Ukraine, are identified as key areas for the human resources (HR) sector. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly relevant in terms of HR management. Continue reading…