Photo: Christopher Woolard of the FCA. Photographed at the FCA. Canary Wharf. 7/10/15

Christopher Woolard asks himself: “What kind of regulations do we want?”

22 September 2020
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Watching speeches is an unusual experience when we’re limited to communicating virtually. It is strange to give them in this way, too. Especially as in this case it is my last opportunity before I step down as interim chief executive of the FCA. But the next few minutes do allow me to take stock and also offer some brief thoughts on the future of regulation. First of all, what lessons can we take from Covid-19 so far? In terms of society, technology and the manner in which we regulate?

Second, how the FCA itself might change to meet some of these challenges, and what constants may remain? And third, given the backdrop of the UK’s exit from the EU, what’s the kind of regulation we need?

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Theodoros Kringou

Founder and Managing Director, Infocredit Group Ltd and ICG Middle East Commercial Services DMCC (Dubai, U.A.E.)
Theodoros Kringou, a self-made entrepreneur is the Founder and Managing Director of Infocredit Group Ltd and ICG Middle East Commercial Services DMCC (Dubai, U.A.E.).

Cécile Louchard-de Barsy

Senior Compliance Officer at Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg since september 2020
An innovative Compliance & Forensic pofessional who delivers efficient solutions for both financial and industrial players.

Cedric Tieffi

Senior Compliance Officer specialized in civil and international law
Data Protection Officer, Compliance Officer as well as Internal Auditor

Markets rose despite subdued economic recovery: BIS Quarterly Review

21 September 2020
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Financial markets largely recovered from March’s acute stress, according to the third BIS Quarterly Review1 of 2020.This was supported by both monetary and fiscal policy, and investor sentiment arising from better than expected economic indicators in the initial aftermath of the lockdown phase of the pandemic. However, the Review indicates that the economy’s upturn has been uneven and corporate balance sheets remain fragile. The associated concern of stretched valuations being disconnected from underlying economic prospects, most notably in some segments of the equity and corporate credit markets, has since been reflected in the recent stock market sell-off.  Continue reading…

Yves Mersch: Supervisory action in times of crisis and the limits of the ECB’s prudential mandate

18 September 2020
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Mr. Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank and Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank, recently gave a speech at the Eurofi Financial Forum, Berlin on 11 September 2020. He reflected on two issues: our role in the extraordinary measures taken to keep economies afloat since the outbreak of the current crisis, and the limits of the ECB’s prudential mandate. The pandemic has dealt an unprecedented peacetime blow to the European economy. In spring, a great number of our businesses went into full lockdown. Crucially, however, banks in the euro area were able to offer vital support. To this end, ECB Banking Supervision provided far-reaching capital and operational relief, making record levels of lending possible during this exceptional time. Continue reading…

Elina Karpacheva

Elina Karpacheva

Chair of the European Compliance Centre based in Sofia, Bulgaria

How to choose an AML / KYC service provider (especially if your business has just started)?

15 September 2020
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According to Reuters, since 2009, regulators have sanctioned companies operating in the financial sector with more than $ 342 billion for their failures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. As such harsh sanctions may easily ruin the business of even a very promising Fintech company, many should consider to hire a KYC/AML provider. They, however, should do so wisely. There are many AML / KYC products on the market worldwide, making money laundering prevention a profitable industry. Choosing the right service provider for your business is a complex and responsible endeavour. The goal of this article is to help companies structure the vendor search process, formulate the right questions for the request for proposal and advise on how to reduce compliance risks when outsourcing AML/CTF processes.

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Coronavirus: Commission proposes more clarity and predictability of any measures restricting free movement in the European Union

14 September 2020
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The Commission has recently adopted a proposal for a Council Recommendation to ensure that any measures taken by Member States that restrict free movement due to the coronavirus pandemic are coordinated and clearly communicated at the EU level. The Commission’s proposal sets out four key areas where Member States should work closer together:

Common criteria and thresholds for Member States when deciding whether to introduce travel restrictions; Mapping of common criteria using an agreed colour code; A common framework for measures applied to travellers from high-risk areas; Clear and timely information to the public about any restrictions.

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Christine Lagarde about the recovery of the euro area economy from the Covid-19 pandemic

11 September 2020
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Ms. Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank and Mr. Luis de Guindos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank recently gave a speech at an ECB press conference at Frankfurt am Main on 10 September. We will now report on the outcome of today’s meeting of the Governing Council, which was also attended by the Commission Executive Vice-President, Mr Dombrovskis. The incoming data since our last monetary policy meeting in July suggest a strong rebound in activity broadly in line with previous expectations, although the level of activity remains well below the levels prevailing before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Continue reading…

ING Italy resumes onboarding of new customers

10 September 2020
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The Banca d’Italia announced today that the ban on onboarding new customers at ING Italy, imposed in March 2019 has been removed. The decision follows the comprehensive steps undertaken by ING Italy to strengthen its processes and management of KYC compliance risks. Following an inspection by the Banca d’Italia, which had identified shortcomings in AML processes, in March 2019 ING Italy was banned from taking on new customers. Existing customers in Italy have continued to be fully served throughout the period.  Continue reading…

Lockdown or Knock-out? Part 5: You can now monitor ethical leadership yourself

09 September 2020
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by Michel Klompmaker

Last month, the UWV1 published the full list of all companies that have made use of the Temporary Emergency Measure Bridging for Employment in the Netherlands, better known as the NOW scheme. It has become something more than a list, a complete register with more than 2,000 pages! Really for the enthusiasts, because it states exactly which companies have used it, their location and what the advance payment has been. Did you find the hourly rate charged to your company by your law firm and / or notary office to be disproportionately high? Then take a look at the register to see whether they had the guts to have made use of the NOW scheme (perhaps, in your opinion, previously misused). Continue reading…

Organised crime group responsible for online piracy dismantled by US authorities in an international coordinated effort with the support of Europol and Eurojust

08 September 2020
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An alleged criminal network of copyright infringement hackers was recently dismantled by US authorities and their counterparts in 18 countries where they also received a great amount of support from Eurojust and Europol. This criminal network was known for pirating movies and distributing the illegal digital contents around the world. In a great coordinated effort, more than 60 servers were taken out of service in North America, Asia and Europe and several members of the criminal network were apprehended and taken in by the authorities. This crime group’s illegal activities ended up having significant negative effects, costing tens of millions of USD in losses annually to the US movie, television and other entertainment industries. Continue reading…

The Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI) conducts research into TikTok’s practices, GDPR regulation violations and the inadequate protection of children who use the app

05 September 2020
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TikTok, the widely used Chinese video sharing social networking app, does not seem to protect children that use the app. Such findings have been revealed by the Dutch Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI), which will continue its research into the business model and practices of the TikTok app. Moreover, the app most likely also gathers unauthorised personal information from its users, especially from minors. If these findings were found to be correct, then this would mean that TikTok would be violating the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations. If they decided to follow up on this, SOMI could potentially stand up against the app’s apparent disregard of the European regulations and also introduce increased supervision measures while children use the app to reassure parents that are concerned. Continue reading…